Why you need coworking?

The word coworking is a new concept and is an alternative to working from home or in your own office. Coworking enables a wide range of individuals and businesses share the same workspace, collaborate and help in building separate companies and ventures under one roof.

This is a very popular concept, many freelancers, sole traders, start-ups, growth and small businesses are joining dedicated shared office spaces. From cost benefits to the community around you, coworking comes with a range of advantages that will likely see it continue to grow.

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Do you want to make a bigger impact with coworking or still undecided, read on to find out what this form of start-up office space can offer your venture, and what it will cost…

Coworking as a freelancer, sole trader, early-stage or growth stage business:

Among freelancers, sole traders, start-up and growth companies, coworking has boomed as a viable, cost-effective and beneficial method of conducting business for a number of reasons.

Firstly, thanks to advancements in technology, it’s now possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud-based software means that work files, collaboration tools, emails and calls can be accessed from almost any device in any location.

So, it’s no longer a requirement to stick to their home computers, or that businesses run offices kitted out with their own equipment. Instead, employees can operate effectively using their own devices or those which belong to a coworking space.

With this as a key driver of its growth, the benefits coworking can offer to individuals and businesses also play a role in its popularity…

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The benefits of coworking:

  1. It brings a change of scenery with fewer distractions. From family to the TV to noisy crowds, coworking office spaces house none of the distractions to be found at home or in a public area. Furthermore, by separating your work from your home, you may find it easier to be more productive during the day and switch off when you leave.

  2. You’ll have access to amenities that’ll help you run your business. Coworking office spaces tend to include everything you need to run a business smoothly, including speedy wifi, equipments, and meeting and conference rooms.

  3. It’s cheaper than renting or buying your own office. The monthly payments you’ll make to rent a desk or dedicated space at a coworking facility will, more often than not, be a lot lower than what you’d pay for an office of your own.

  4. You might also save on daily costs. Some coworking spaces offer amenities such as hot drinks and snacks for free, meaning you can save on the cost of buying them yourself. Many also offer perks such as free breakfasts or lunches on certain days or drinks on certain evenings.

  5. There will be opportunities to network and collaborate. In a coworking space, you’ll likely be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are starting, growing or running businesses, so opportunities to swap advice or collaborate will be rife. Many coworking spaces even encourage these relationships by putting on free networking events for members.

  6. You’ll have a business address. A coworking space will provide a professional setting in which to meet with clients, as well as a place to have your work-related post directed to.

  7. You’ll get a sense of community. Working from home can get lonely, as can working in a public space where approaching strangers isn’t generally accepted. A coworking space will be filled with people who are there for the same reason as you, making conversation and bonding more natural.

  8. You’re likely to be in a modern and casual working environment. Unlike traditional office blocks, many coworking spaces put design and atmosphere at the forefront. Larger facilities also tend to house cafes or lounges in which you can work if sitting at a desk isn’t quite your thing.

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