Why Engagement is utmost important?

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

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Why Employee Engagement and what we do in GIGA?

At GIGA offices, we feel engagement is of utmost priority. We engage all the incubates to think and prepare for a monthly event which has presentations of the unique businesses who have space with us and provide networking with fun games/engagement. we have the “game room” – relaxing area with games and bean bags that inspire them to do something , and achieve and seed out-of-the-box thinking.

We also have a pool table which can be used by anyone.

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Let's see why the engagement is very important-

Considering that only 20% of employees are engaged, and according to the shocking findings around engagement around the globe, it’s clear that businesses and organizations have to invest on engagement, not only to retain their workforce but increase their productivity.

In fact, Harvard Business Review recently referenced employee engagement as: “The holy grail of today’s workplace”.

This blog will look at 6 reasons why it’s important for start-ups, businesses and companies to focus on employee engagement, and offer simple tips for management to start engaging their teams today.

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Reason One - Investing In Employee Engagement Helps Retain Talent

Ultimately, companies want to retain talent, nurture employees, and build strong, lasting teams.

But, when employees are disengaged, there’s the risk of losing them and the talent that they have gained over the years.

According to a research, employee turnover can cost up to 2.5X the employee’s salary, considering:

  • The cost of hiring

  • Cost of on-boarding

  • Loss of productivity

  • Loss of engagement

  • Training costs

  • Cultural impact

  • etc...

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Reason Two - Disengaged Employees Cost Companies Money

Employee engagement can seem intangible. We get it. But it’s costing the US alone approximately $550 billion dollars a year.

By employee engagement, not only we can save this but also increase the revenues since the productivity increases.

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Reason Three - Employee Experience equals Customer Experience

Whether or not your employees ever meet or interact with your customers, they are still very much connected, and they are equally as important.

The experience that your employees have at the office/field translates to the experience that your customers have with your brand.

When employees are engaged, they are more invested in what they put out, and the customer will feel that in the product or service they receive.

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Reason Four - Engaged Employees Show Up To Work

Disengaged employees don’t enjoy coming to work.

They either feel stressed and overwhelmed, resulting in absence due to sickness, or they find excuses not to come in, because they simply don’t want to be there.

Absenteeism is problematic as it results in lost productivity, delayed deadlines, lower team morale and subsequently, resentment between employees.

Ultimately, you want your employees to WANT to come to work.

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Reason Five - Engaged Employees Are More Positive

Positivity and negativity are contagious, both in and out of the workplace.

When you have even just one disengaged employee, their negative attitude and unhappy demeanor will penetrate the moods of the rest of the team, either elevating or bringing down the morale.

When employees are engaged and happy, the work environment becomes inspiring, creativity flows, confidence grows, and anything becomes possible.


Reason Six - Engaged Employees Are The Most Productive

Disengaged employees are often very unproductive as they have lost interest in their day to day tasks. This affects the output and quality of work, therefore affecting customer satisfaction, retention and profits.

One common reason for lack of productivity and disengagement is that employees do not connect with their tasks, or are uncertain of their roles and what is expected of them.

So lets engage!

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