Welcome to Generation Flex – The Employee Power

There’s a new wave of professionals who want to plug in at a time and location that suits them – and they’re changing the way we work.

Meet Generation Flex – an ever-expanding pool of independent, skilled workers for whom employment no longer means a destination to reach or a rigid daily routine.

Tech-savvy, smart and dynamic, this is a modern workforce that expects – indeed demands – a more flexible approach to working. And it’s not afraid to make its feelings known.

According to a recent Global Workspace Survey undertaken by IWG, the International Workspace Group and leading global flexible workspace provider, 83% of workers around the world said they would turn down a job that didn’t offer flexible working.

Work smarter, not harder

In a couple of years, it’s said that 80% of the world’s population will own a smartphone. And with this remarkable shift in technology has come a significant change in attitudes towards the workplace.

Skilled workers can now plug in and work from anywhere. As such, these digital nomads appreciate flexibility. They want to work their own hours in remote locations as well as co-working spaces.

Getting the balance right

This is, after all, a generation for whom the work/life balance is crucial. It wants to be able to manage work around life, not the reverse. The IWG survey finds flexible working is seen to improve this balance by 78%.

Instead, they’re looking to work for a business that offers a collaborative community and a more inclusive working environment, which can particularly benefit returning parents, older workers and those suffering from stress or mental health issues.

Back to business

Flexibility not only makes workers happier and healthier, it gets the job done. Giving employees the freedom to complete work where and when it suits them, without a fixed work pattern, has seen more than a third of business leaders report that businesses can increase productivity by more than 40%.

These figures take on even more resonance in light of the UN reporting that the global slowdown in productivity is one of the most prominent features of the world economy in recent years.

77% of businesses are introducing flexible working to improve employee retention.


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