Trends That Will Drive The Workplaces Of 2020

The fast evolution of technology is the key driving force of this change, altering traditional models of working. Especially in workplaces, three fundamental shifts that have changed the face of the industry in the last decade are artificial intelligence, mobility solutions, and automation.

Innovation being at the core of success, organisations are choosing to augment the work environment with tech-enabled solutions, giving rise to a new breed of offices that are cool, edgy and interactive like never before. The pace of technology evolution is ensuring that workplaces will see a dramatic shift by 2020.

It is anticipated that by 2020 shared workplaces will overtake the traditional serviced offices. The top three metro cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, and NCR offer by far the best opportunity for creating shared spaces that will serve the just in time needs of young entrepreneurs, millennials, start-ups as well as global firms with their flexible lease options and location benefits.

The workplace transformation began when the rise of shared workspaces turned the archaic methods of the real estate developers with their age-old customs of lock-in period, security deposit and long-term leases providing an opportunity for disruption by creating ease and flexibility for the customer. Currently, there are a little over 200 premium business centres across the country that are set to double by 2020.

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