The Challenges of Running your own Office Space – Why you should opt for co-working?

Co-working or Flexible work-spaces allow people to rent office spaces on per seat basis and hit the ground running. While it varies from each entity to another a high grade & good quality Co-working space provides members with access to High-Speed Internet, Printers, Conference Rooms, Cafeteria, Recreation Zones & Facilities etc. The value proposition lies in the fact that along with cost savings, it spares the people working out of these arrangements a lot of their valuable bandwidth.

Coworking Team

A Startup or SME has to keep a huge amount as an upfront investment even before things start. Unlike the experience, co-working has to offer. If a Startup or SME’s want to work out of their own space, the price advantage is not there. Added to that instead of focusing on their core business functions and devoting maximum attention to their company’s success, from time to time, they have to worry about facility management issues like: –

Water & Power supply,

Internet down times,

Wear and tear of Fit-Outs & Equipment,

Housekeeping & Security Staffs performance/availability

Stacking of Water Cans, Beverages & other Housekeeping equipment.

Compared to this, Co-working spaces remove all the hassles and are also economically more prudent. It’s little wonder that Co-working is fast becoming the choice of many new age Startups and Small-Medium Enterprises. Even teams as big as 50 members can be found working out of Co-working spaces.

But, Still Why Co-work ?

As stated above, for a bare minimum no frills set up, the startup or SME will end up shelling much more than a Co-working space. In addition, it is safe to say that in an Independent Office they will have to make do with a very small pantry area, small or no conference rooms, no recreation zone, no cafeteria, no garden area, no events area, etc. Also the employees in such a set-up are restricted to mingling amongst their own brood and have limited exposure to employees in other companies. Contrast this with Co-working spaces from Giga77 where people have access to Conference Rooms; Pantries for every level; huge; Recreational Zones to unwind with games like Pool Table; TV & Projectors; Writeable Laminates on Desks; Pedestal Cabinets for storage; Printers etc.

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