Finding your passion and loving what you do

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Every aspiring entrepreneur has likely been told to do what they love. This advice has merit since passion about an idea can really help drive a person to succeed. If you don’t believe in an idea or care about its success, it’s harder to rise above the challenges; this will be apparent in the results. On the other hand, it might not always be easy to find a fun or exciting niche that’s practical for business. Whether you’re looking to start a new enterprise or just want to feel more passionate about a current endeavor, it is good to appreciate the journey. Looking within, setting goals and finding new perspectives are habits to cultivate.

Passion - what you love to do!

1) Find a niche

Working at something fun and interesting is what many people aspire to do. But identifying a special niche interest is a struggle for some people. Rather than focusing on turning a hobby into a business, be creative. Consider how your unique skills, quirks or interests might translate into or transform a business. For example, with a passion for the environment, someone could start a green consulting or marketing service. A love of exercise could be applied to personal training, fitness-related retail or corporate health consulting.

Brainstorm about ways to improve or change a service, add unique value to an existing sector or satisfy an unmet need. All these strategies can inspire creativity to flow. Having something to excel at or a unique focus can be a powerful motivator.

2) Set goals and rewards

No matter what type of work someone does, his or her motivation can be enhanced by setting targets. Without this crucial step, people tend to floating around aimlessly. Pairing goals with rewards can be even more powerful. Reaching targets brings a sense of accomplishment and encourages the flow of energy and new ideas. Short-term goals should be specific and focused on what an individual want to accomplish today or this week. They could involve progressing on a project, attaining a specific sales figure or doing customer outreach. Keep short-term goals realistic and ensure accountability if that helps inspire motivation.

Longer-term goals should be fixed on the big picture over the months and quarters ahead: They might include a plan for growth, developing a product or reaching another benchmark. Make it a game. For example, try to “level up” by achieving a goal that unlocks a specific reward. Short-term goals could be tied to a favorite dinner or activity, while bigger achievements might be recognized with a vacation or a new gadget. Use whatever rewards drive the most gratification.

3) Change your perspective

Arriving at the right perspective and attitude is perhaps the most important factor in sustaining passion and enjoying activities. Maintaining a negative view puts a damper on motivation. These patterns can even sour great business ideas or simply create a toxic work environment. Think about what you excel at, not what you lack, especially when first starting a business. Focus on your end goals not all the little steps you must take to get there. When feeling burnt out, step outside the normal routine and set aside some time for yourself. Try to see your problems from someone else’s point of view if an answer is not apparent.

4) Enjoy what you do

Achieving goals, seeing the excitement of growth and looking at an old industry from a new perspective can help inspire a person’s spirit. This makes it easier to work through the struggles of launching a company from the ground up. In my personal entrepreneurial experience, focusing on finding a unique benefit, setting goals and being conscious of my perspective are habits that have proved essential. After mixed experiences with some early endeavors, I began to realize that it’s not necessarily what business you’re in but how you look at it that matters. Each milestone reached can continue to offer entrepreneurial inspiration and make it easy to feel passionate about each day of work.

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