How to Increase Employee Engagement in the Workforce

Without employees, an organisation would not exist, and without talented and motivated people, an organisation has no hope of flourishing and staying competitive. Even the best-laid plans can be scuppered by not having great people in place to implement them. So it’s crucial to understand what exactly is it that motivates an employee and how can you go about both attracting and retaining them.

There are a number of reasons why an employee might choose to leave their current role: boredom, feelings of stagnation, a lack of perks and too much stress can all contribute to employees taking their CVs out of hibernation.


“If you find that your employees leave on a regular basis, you may need to re-evaluate your talent retention strategies”

These steps can help any business increase employee engagement and ensure talent remains within the company:

1. Challenge your employees

Valuable employees are going to be valuable no matter where they choose to work. It is important to ensure that employees are constantly learning, that they are increasing their value to the company, in addition to building their career skills. This is valuable for the employee and the company. Ambitious employees will want to remain innovative and grow their skill set.

2. Encourage flexible working

Many employees are trying to find ways to balance their personal time and relationships. By allowing employees to work from home or to work different hours, you help to foster a friendly working environment and drive a more positive attitude from staff, which will, in turn, increase employee productivity and retention.

3. Make career progression front and centre

When employees – especially those from the younger Millennial generation – do not feel a company is supporting their progression, their eyes will start to wander towards the job market. That is why companies are offering more career mobility opportunities, which support employees who want to move across different departments or even change their occupation. Employees, ultimately, want new challenges and opportunities to stay engaged in their work, grow their skills, and advance in their careers.


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