How businesses can benefit from artificial intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is not only beneficial to big companies but also to small businesses. In fact, Anonymous survey predicts that at least 30% of businesses will be using artificial intelligence by the end of 2019. Here are a few reasons why artificial intelligence should be adopted into the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence

1. AI will result in fewer employee expenses.

Organizations spend a lot of resources on staff welfare.

Having robots execute some tasks performed by employees means a reduction in the number of employees. That ultimately cuts down employee expenditure budget, saving up company resources for other productive pursuits.

2. AI erases wasted time.

Routine tasks can be automated. This way, employers don’t have to worry about their workers not doing what they are supposed to do. Once programmed, machines execute tasks by following the stipulated standards and guidelines.

3. AI makes good decisions.

Successful businesses thrive on good decisions. Accurate business data informs good judgement. Organizations with huge data sets are at a higher risk when data collection is in the hands of employees. There’s always the possibility, no matter how little, for inaccuracies. Employers can avert this problem by using artificial intelligence for business insights and data collection.

4. AI helps minimize errors.

Human errors in the workplace can ruin an organization’s finances and reputation. Employees can easily be distracted by physical and emotional situations, causing damages that are sometimes irreparable.

Fewer employees in the work process mean fewer errors. Using artificial intelligence for work creates an enabling environment for quality management, executing tasks by strictly following specified guidelines and closing gaps of inaccuracies caused by inevitable human errors. It synchronizes the process chain and prevents clogs often experienced in manual processes.

5. AI gives good customer service delivery.

Customer relations is an integral part of a business, and providing excellent customer service is an absolute must.

Rising to the occasion promptly can be overwhelming for the customer support unit especially when dealing with a large customer base. For better customer service delivery, employers can make use of artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience. With the use of high-tech applications, customers can register their problems and receive a response in real time.


At the end of the day, everyone wants better results. Despite negative claims about artificial intelligence, it’s only logical to be receptive to it if it favors you. By the looks of it, bosses will have fewer things to worry about as their business will function better with artificial intelligence.


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