From an annual growth percentage of 3 lakh to 35 lakh: This woman surely means business!

With the help of this post, we are sharing you the success story of an entrepreneur who successfully started with almost nothing.

This story hopefully will inspire you through your startup journey and will keep you motivated.

Padma Shashidhar, Director, PAL TALENT SERVICES

I started this organization 13 years ago which has grown into an immense success. Before venturing off in my own business, I used to work as a recruiting consultant in a company while I realized that I could do something which made me start my own company. There is a sense of satisfaction when you do something in your own ways.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. — Henry Ford.

It has taken me a very long time to in bringing this company to what it is today. Like any other organization my company has also faced quite a lot of challenges and we have been able to come over those hurdles because of our incessant improvement and also by winning our client confidence that has enabled us to work for multiple companies.

Having a professional approach with all our clients has helped us immensely. We always get our clients through referrals and word of mouth. Having worked in this industry for quite some time now I have been able to acquire clients through my contacts. I have had about 50%-60% client acquisition. In the last one decade I have seen tremendous growth in our service offerings.

Padma Shashidhar, Director, PAL TALENT SERVICES says,

In the current scenario all the start-up entrepreneurs are completely equipped with relevant information which has enabled them to start their business successfully. They have a clear vision in achieving their goal as they have the right set of examples to follow and support them in their journey. Doing a proper homework, analyzing the market, being more creative and thinking ‘out of the box’ will definitely help in facing challenges. Be adaptive to the changing trends and methodology. Being cautious about the cost investment is essential.

Every entrepreneur has to deal with a unique set of circumstances and factors that are specific to their business. there’s tremendous value in immersing yourself in the small business community and studying those who are experiencing positive results.”

How Does Giga help You?

Giga has it’s incubates as 100 plus entrepreneurs, we provide our placement services to many of their incubates. One of Giga’s client required placements services – we helped them hire a whole team from project manager to Trainer, Trainer to testers and developers, huge opportunity. The Start-up eco system within GIGA is the key of our success too.


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