Engagement - Savanadurga: An awesome trekking experience

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

A view from the top!

Savandurga which is considered as the largest monolith hills in Asia was giving us a delightful view from the down. It is situated 60 km away from Bangalore in Deccan plateau of Karnataka at the height of 4220 ft of above sea level. If seen from a distance, it looks like a massive stone. Savandurga comprises of twin peaks, one is Karigudda or the Black Hill and the other one is Biligudda or the White Hill. Veerabhadraswamy temple situated at the foot of the hill where the travelers get blessings from.

We started our journey from Bangalore at around 6:15 am and we reached Savanadurga at 7:45 am, there is ample parking available and we parked our car and started climbing right away. There are indicators in yellow and white which will hep you reach the top of the peak.

One must follow these directions strictly else they will not be able to climb. For the new bees, only a few steps made them feel that this is a hectic task. It is always recommended for any trek that the shoes should have good grip and for Savanadurga, this is a must.

A view of the temple below!

In some of the places, the slope is steep and is almost 80°, we have to do a spider crawl. There are the remains of the fort built by Kempegowda on the top of the hill as well as on the way where you can take rest in-between trekking. One the way we took photos and videos of the mesmerizing views and it was greatest from the top. Since this was winter, we couldn't see the sun and it was cloudy even though it was 10 am which made our climb better.

Trekking Team

We rested for a while in the remains of the fort in-between climbing. After this, we reached a place where the steep slope ends, there were water bodies which were made for water supply to the fort and its premises. Just after this, we had reached the second tallest point of a hill from where we can see the tallest part which has the Nandi statue. After that, we pass through some naturally made caves and steep slopes to reach the top. Believe it or not, the first view of the location will make your heart filled, such an amazing view from the top. The cold wind and the cloudy sky made it more beautiful. Finally, After many breaks, we were able to reach the peak and it was almost 10.30am. We spent a little time there capturing all the views on camera and then we opened our backpack and had our breakfast. For keeping our backpack lightweight we carried only energy bars, fruits and some water.

After spending sometime, we started climbing down, it was easier but riskier as the rocks are slippery. However; the climb down was also fun and we reached safely. Everyone enjoyed the trekking. All the adrenaline pumping we wanted, Savandurga gave us.


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