Don't startup…

You want work-life balance – don’t startup

If you are the one to easily give up – don’t startup

If you can’t give 14–16 hours a day – don’t startup

If you can’t adapt and change every few days and let go of who you were – don’t startup

If criticism bothers you to the point you can’t take it – don’t startup

If you’re not someone who can become obsessed with solving a problem or achieving a certain goal for your startup – don’t startup

If you want to go for a vacation every few months – don’t startup

If you want to play safe, if you can’t take risks – don’t startup

If you can’t go from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm – don’t startup

If you want to pursue hobbies in your spare time – don’t startup

If you’re scared of rejections – don’t startup

If you think startups are about funding and all will be well once you raise funds – don’t startup

If you have a moral obligation to be nice to people working with you even when they are not doing their job properly and you must tell them bluntly – don’t startup

If you don’t like reading which will probably the best way to learn and grow – don’t startup

If you’re waiting for the right moment (and years have passed by) – don’t startup

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