GIGA77, hosts a variety of events throughout the year for employee engagement and leisure. We provide incubates with an opportunity to showcase their talent with our various celebration, games and sport activities.

Recently, our monthly event was combined with Christmas celebrations and we found active celebrations from all our incubates which created a fun-loving atmosphere at work. Activities for this event included "Secret Santa" which is gifting to your known colleague from an unknown Santa. The whole office exchanged random and awesome gifts and the "giftee" kept guessing who their Santa is.

Gifts, Gifts and Gifts!

Also coupled with gifts, the "giftee" was given activities to do and some of the activities was like singing a song or taking crazy selfies and posting it on the big screen. These activities and others made work fun filled for the three days when secret santa was played. Santa was revealed with the office event.

It’s Time For Some More Fun!

Finally, on the third day, office event was conducted where all the team members were combined into teams of 5 and we played a game called "Treasure Hunt". Treasure Hunt is an game where the team follows through clues to find the treasure and in this case, it was a PIN for the treasure. In this specific game, the team has to chase 10 clues to find the final location and the PIN.

Games, Events and More

The team who won the event was Team 5 - Palani, Sai, Neeraj, Pooja, Ram

Runner up was Team One - Sankar, Vinod, Ramya, Deepa and Manjunath and 3rd place was Team 6 - Vijay, Megha, Nakshata and Siddesh


We also played games such as Ba-loon burst and Sally up!

This was followed by snacks and drinks during which we revealed the Santa names and finally ended the event with a big thank you for all the participants.


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