Coworking Trends For the Year 2019

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In 2019, the space owners are going focus more on technology. Earlier, many spaces had to hire managers for day shift and then for the night shift to help coworkers who would pop in anytime. Technology has taken over in such a way that there will be no need to hire even a single manager to take care of the Coworking space. Access cards, Coworking space management software, booking system, attendance system, automated invoices, time trackers etc. have all become so advanced that you just need to see your revenue at the end of the week or maybe at the end of the month. All human interference and hassles have been outgrown. This is what we have in GIGA.

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Multiple Locations

People tend to opt for a space that has more than 1 location within a city since they get a choice to work at any of the locations. Frequent travellers or businessmen tend to opt for coworking spaces that have multi-city locations. If you are coworking space, it is time to grow and branch out. If not, then you should definitely be a part of some coworking passport programme which allows the cardholder to use a designated number of hours at any participating coworking space.

Space Design

If we’d have to name one thing about coworking spaces that they are known for, then it would be their interiors. The design is so well prepared and executed that a person falls in love with space in the first look. But a detailed research on Coworking Trends suggests that this is getting better day by day. We have a couple of new coworking spaces opening up on this earth every day and it is the space design which is getting better day by day.

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Additional Out of Box Services

As per the latest Coworking trends, shared office spaces have started to provide many additional services to their coworkers just like a big corporate company provides its employees.

Community, Culture & Classes

People come to coworking spaces to work but as per recent survey in coworking culture, there much more than work space that is needed. From events to community activities, all are becoming a part of the coworking concept. These activities are optional and often occur over the weekend but the good thing is that they add up to the long list of offerings that your coworking space provides.

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