Coworking spaces aren't just for entrepreneurs anymore

We have many entrepreneurs who started their own firm, and they would start working from home or garage but when the idea starts to grow, working from a small location is not an option. In fact, options of working from such locations are fading these days even for a beginner.

These days, every one claim "I needed to have a broader range of interactions each day".

Inside GIGA Coworking

The solution: Coworking space to work in where everyone has the chance to find like-minded people and grow the human connections which they would miss working from a smaller place.

An added benefit, meeting clients in the coworking space. Much of the business, help and support comes from people who we meet in the coworking community.

Big organizations are staffing their employees inside the coworking spaces and the demand for coworking spaces is expected to grow 10 to 15 percent annually, according to real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield.


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