Cost and other benefits of GIGA co-working

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

If you want to start a business or are a free-lancer, start-up or a growing company, one of the best way to get access to a good, interesting cost effective office is to share the workspace. This can be done in an co-working space.

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular and we at GIGA, offer more than a co-working space with all the services that a start-up or a free-lancer needs.

Benefits - GIGA Co-working

When you take rent in a co-working spaces, you usually don’t have a particular space assigned and you set up your laptop computer at whatever seat happens to be available at a large table beside people working on other businesses. Conference rooms are usually available by reservation.

You not only share the public kitchen space, restrooms, Wi-Fi, access to printers, and modest other public spaces with other employees, you also share ideas and there is a greater strength in collaboration. Co-working spaces also have private cabins/offices and tend to be small with large windows, giving the feel of being part. The main advantage of a co-working is that they are designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and motivation among the different people and businesses located there.

GIGA - Pricing comparison

For a small start-up, co-working is a terrific option. Many particularly like being able to sit in a different location every day. Considering the costs for an organization, there will be more than 55% in savings, when compared to a traditional office space. Please refer to the above table as an example.

GIGA Services - comparison

Another biggest advantage of GIGA co-working spaces is that the services that you need to create a company and/or grow is in one place. It may be marketing, digital work, printing, website or any other, we at GIGA can support. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend your time on those little issues that you don’t think about in advance but can take a lot of time, such as making sure the Wi-Fi is working, making sure the heat and a/c are at a level people like, buying chairs, replacing light bulbs, etc.

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