Beyond Real Estate: How Co-working Spaces Aren't Just About Rental Benefits Anymore

There was a time when co-working spaces made heads turn because of being just that – a space that allows people from different companies to come together and work. But today, every city boasts of several co-working spaces all in line with the “cool” start-up culture.

With the growing number of co-working spaces, it’s now important to change the narrative from just being a cool centre to work out of being a bigger facilitator for start-ups. Now, co-working spaces too are recognising this and are moving beyond fancy interiors to offer partnerships with top companies, discounted privileges and more.

Coworking space

Not Just About Affordability

Today one of the biggest advantages of a co-working space is the cheap rent. In today’s age of skyrocketing rental prices, having an office in a co-working space works out cheaper for the start-up. The flexibility and convenience provided help professionals to collaborate and expand which cannot be done at a traditional office set-up. Often, traditional office spaces can be quite limited by nature. Opportunities to interact are less restricted in a co-working office space.

Ahoy Networking

This is definitely what makes co-working spaces so attractive. In a co-working space, you are able to interact with people from different companies and backgrounds under one roof. Over a cup of coffee at the cafeteria or over a game at the fun zone, many interactions take place that makes way for better ideas too.

Partnerships And Events

A growing trend is for co-working spaces to move beyond just real estate benefits to give their start-ups benefits by partnering with various companies or organizing events. By organizing events, these co-working spaces help their start-ups to interact with industry experts and even work with them. Through partnerships, they bring discounts and credits.


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