Are you a startup looking for funding? Consider Angel Investors

As with all businesses startups need funds to operate and grow, startups particularly pride themselves on their rapid scalability. Startups aim to bring a highly innovative product to the market through a scalable business model. They have a tendency to deliver on limited resources when contrasted to traditional models.

Startups tend to be usually financed only by the business owner or their family members in the initial stages.

This article aims to look at who are angel investors by definition and the top angel investors in India.

Who are ‘Angel Investors’?

Angel Investors are typically high net worth Individuals who invest in businesses where they see the potential for a boost to their portfolio. The term angel investors actually found its origins in Broadway theatre where wealthy individuals, known as ‘angels’ would sponsor the production costs of a play.

Angel Investors provide valuable insights to startups through their experiences in running and managing businesses in the same niche market. They provide capital in the form of debt or equity to startups, their managerial and advisory role varies as per the definition of their association with an individual business.

Angel Investors in India

Angel Investors are coming to the forefront in India now, especially with the government’s Startup India initiative, which seeks to promote startups and simplify funding procedures. If you are a startup looking for funding, you should definitely consider angel investors, even if there is a degree of effort involved

Top Angel Investors in India

1.Anupam Gopal Mittal

2.Sharad Sharma

3.Rajan Anandan

4. TV Mohandas Pai

5.Rehan Yar Khan

6.Rajesh Sawhney

7.Anand Ladsariya

8.Sunil Karla

9.Abhishek Goyal

10.Sanjay Mehta

So if you’re a startup in search for funding you now know who to look out for! Or maybe you just would like to keep yourself abreast of the business world, then this would help too!


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