6 myths about working from a Coworking space

An innovative technique of work has become popular in India which is known as coworking. Coworking is a creative style of work that involves a shared working space where people belonging from different businesses can interact, cooperate and work together.

It is an excellent alternative to home or traditional offices. Coworking being a newly discovered concept carries a large number of myths along with it. Many of these myths are ridiculous and have no relation to any coworking space worldwide.

Few of these myths are stated below:

Myth #1

Coworking is only for small businesses:

Anyone (freelancer, students, big firms etc) can join a coworking space like Hustle Cowork. They all can enjoy the facilities offered by coworking. Coworking spaces forms new networks.

Myth #2

Coworking is ineffective and unproductive:

Coworking is not all about partying and fun activities. Positive and a flexible environment offered by a coworking space makes people more productive. As coworking spaces are located in central locations, it offers proper connectivity. Coworking offers modern seating infrastructure where people can choose cabins or open spaces according to their work.

Myth #3

Coworking is similar to working from home:

Working from traditional or home offices can be fun at first but after a certain period of time people tend to have less movement and interaction. Also, people can be less productive because of family interference and home appliances. Whereas, a coworking space offers a social and a flexible environment which makes people more interactive and energetic.  

Myth #4

Coworking is costly:

This is the most absurd myth about coworking. It offers all the required facilities such as meeting rooms, cafeteria, gaming room etc at a cheaper cost.

Myth #5

Concept of coworking will fail in India:

Coworking is a western concept but still it has gained popularity in India. More and more startups are showing interest in coworking.


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