6 Behaviours of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who've transformed challenge into triumph, We've noticed six common behaviors integral to their success. Ask yourself if you do the following--if not, it might be time to start!


1. They Say No 

We live in a culture where we're told to 'take every opportunity, The result? overwhelm, diluted quality of work, a handful of breakdowns, and ultimately burnout.

Action Step: Buy yourself some time by responding with 'Let me think about it' or 'I'll get back to you.' You can then evaluate whether or not this additional project, favor, or person crashing on your couch is serving for you.

2. They Treat Themselves Like Their Favorite Coach Did

Successful entrepreneurs have (flexibly) high expectations for themselves, but they're internally encouraging and supportive rather than threatening and punishing. The result? They bounce back from mistakes faster, persevere through challenge, acknowledge their screw-ups, and take risks.

Action Step: Pay attention to that 'observing' (or critical) voice inside your head and have realistic expectations.

3. They Ask for Help

'I did it all by myself' said no honest entrepreneur ever. Humans are social, interdependent beings, and we all need help. Doing everything on your own is generally polarizing and less efficient than seeking complementary support.

Action Step: Question the thought that asking for help is a sign of courage and resourcefulness. If asking for help makes you feel vulnerable or ashamed, lean into those uncomfortable feelings and remind yourself change never feels cozy.

4. They Believe Their Work is Meaningful

Trusting that what you're doing matters. When you're motivated by purpose, success is not a matter of 'if,' it's a matter of 'when

6. They Value Balance

Prioritize sleep, relationships, exercise, and play. Schedule 'white space' into your calendar where you permit yourself to recharge. Instead of valuing 'productive time,'value meaningful time.'


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