5 Tips for Being a Better Coworker

It’s in your best interest to get along with your coworkers and earn their respect. Doing so will not only make for a more positive work experience, but encourage your manager to reward you accordingly. With that in mind, here are a few steps you can take to be a better person to work with.


1. Learn to listen

If you’re attending a meeting or are having a discussion with coworkers, take the time to really hear them out before interjecting or jumping to your own conclusions. Listening to your colleagues is an easy way to show that you respect them, which is something they’ll no doubt come to appreciate.

2. Offer to be a mentor

If you’re a seasoned employee, you have a real opportunity to help out the newbies who may be walking around the office overwhelmed and clueless. By offering to serve as a mentor for others, you’ll save their managers the hassle and stress of getting them up to speed.

3. Offer to back others up when they're away

It’s important to be that person who offers to back others up as needed. Volunteer your time, and your colleagues and manager will be sure to not only think highly of you, but potentially return the favor.  

4. Give credit when it's due

Maybe you delivered an outstanding presentation that got your management team’s attention. Tempting as it may be to take credit for all of that work, if you know that several colleagues of yours contributed data, graphics, or other tidbits, be sure to let that be known. Doing so basically screams “team player,” which is something your coworkers will no doubt admire

5. Solve company-wide problems

Maybe you’re an IT wiz with the know-how to stop your internal database from crashing every three days, provided you’re willing to put in the time. Or maybe you’re a rock star office manager who understands why spotty internet service just won’t cut it. No matter what major problem your company is facing, making an effort to resolve that issue is a good way to show your coworkers you’re looking out for them. 


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