10BT is a business development Program designed to help Business Systems To Bring About Dramatic Improvement Performance Top Line.


Why Redesign?

Well designed process insures Business Success

Why Reengineer? 3 C's

Customer - More sophisticated and stringent
Competition - Has become global vs local
Change - Adapt to meet customer needs

Today, organizations face fierce competition, high customer demand, economic pressure and financial crisis. To be effective, they reduce costs, improve products and service quality and respond quickly to new opportunities in the market.

Transformational change occurs in response to at least 3 key kinds of disruption:

1. Industry discontinuities
2. Product lifecycle shifts
3. Internal company dynamics

Organizations continually need to be:

a. Flexible, effective and efficient
b. Customer centric approach to organizational activities
c. Recognition of current strengths to create a more productive environment

d. Understand and reap the benefits of competitive IT and business alignment e. Create and promote an integrated approach to IT and business

Our goal is to analyse the current situation and focus on what and why, recommend appropriate changes, set up a new process and implementation plan and monitor results.

Our solution focuses on three key areas:

1. Organization structure
2. HR Operations and placement
3. Align employee mindset with company goals

Our approach:

We work with Senior Executives and Line Management to set strategic direction and Operation of the organization and Lead the transformation.

Energizing and Enabling through 3 key stages:

1. Culture Change
2. Self-designing – strengthen the built-in capacity to transform
3. Organizational Learning - Process, knowledge Management and Implementation

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